Adventure and comfort by design.

Panoramic experience

Spectacular all-round views. All weather, all year.

Customisable versatility

Flexible and adaptable – whatever the location.

Longer lasting ROI

Fabulous revenue stream whether your guests are adventure seekers or just want to chill-out.

Exceptionally intrepid.

The DOF Arcade 65 brings innovation to the world of glamping with its spacious and ground-breaking design. Whether your guests are adventure seekers or just wanting to chill-out, the Arcade ticks all the boxes. All the trappings of luxury living melded with the freedom of the outdoors provide perfect accommodation whatever your glampers’ needs.

Your site’s prime real estate.

The Arcade 65 features TenCate Outdoor Fabrics, which is specifically developed to guarantee genuine “All weather” protection for long lasting “All year” use. The uniquely developed mould, dirt and moisture repellent treatment ensures the very best when it comes to looking after your guests’ health and well-being. Using highest quality materials, the Arcade’s innotavely constructed shape provides outstanding protection in all weather conditions, come sun, wind, rain or heavy snow. The Arcade 65 can be assembled with a team of 4 people in as little as 6 hours.

All weather.
All year.

Extra options: different heat sources available

Accommodation for up to six people, with two bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, spacious dining area, and extensive alfresco terrace.

On site requirements:

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In the continuing current climate of coronavirus uncertainty, discerning staycationers are seeking exclusive access to their holiday experiences and amenities. As an upmarket asset, the DOF Arcade 65 fits that bill perfectly.

Upgrade your site’s prime real estate with this stunning eye-catcher.

The Arcade 65’s design and architecture provide site owners with astonishing versatility and flexibility at the luxury end of the glamping experience. The enormous living space allows you to configure the bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and dining area to your exact preferred needs. Plus, the extensive through floor provides an impressive covered terrace. Shelter is guaranteed on a hot summer’s day as well as late as night. The Arcade 65 is truly eye-catchingly exceptional.

From £13,500

The Arcade Tent. Flexibility and versatility taken to another level.

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