Creating Unique and Inspiring Glamping Sites

This can be what makes your glamping abode succeed and can be the most important part of your business plan. Unique and inspiring glamping abodes are what people tend to rave about, recommend to each other and love the most. Glamping sites that tend to do well include:

  • Great location or boast fantastic views
  • Unique glamping structures
  • Luxury features like a hot tub
  • Attractive discounts and special offers
  • Natural assets, such as lakes, woods or coastlines

One of the most important aspects of a glamping business is the land which it will be based. Planning permission will be required, but it should be a lot easier to obtain this than it would for a more permanent structure. Several planning departments/councils have already stated an aim of assisting in the development of tourism, and many are supportive of farm diversification which can help with the process. This can be one of the most important aspects of your glamping business venture, as obtaining planning permission is extremely important before you begin.

However, you could already own a farm or have some land to spare. Given the importance of the location, you should maybe consider a place which is an hour from a major city or town, with good access roads and ideally set away from traffic.

You should also consider your business plan, and how you are going to make your glamping business work. You will also need to analyse your target audience and how this will work with your chosen glamping abode. For example, if you decide on aunit which can only sleep two people, it probably would be best not to think about advertising it to families. You should outline who your target audience is before you decide on what type of glamping abode would be best suited. You will also need to think of the costs which will be involved with this new business. The following list will help you begin your business plan:

  • The cost of the glamping structure
  • Rent of the land (if you don’t currently own it)
  • Purchase of land
  • Electricity and water costs

Developing your own business brand and beating the competition is an important aspect to consider once your business plan is complete. Recognise your strong points, whether it is your location, type of accommodation or features and see if these factors are enough to rival the competition. You probably cannot excel in all aspects but find what is your strongest point and develop this

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