Accessible living.

For home

A versatile new space that is quick and easy to install.

For loved ones

A welcomed luxury alternative to care home living whatever their needs.

For business

An investment opportunity with spectacular ROI potential.

Pods. Catering for everyone.

High quality and beautifully stylish pods and cabins. Perfectly flexible and versatile for people with and without access needs. Omnipods are fully accessible and wheelchair friendly with click-in and click-out fixtures and fittings to suit every requirement. Each pod is equipped with heating and insulation to keep you comfortable 365 days a year.

Accessibly versatile.

Omnipods are the only true accessible self-contained units on the market providing luxury holiday or permanent living accommodation. They are wheelchair friendly, universally accessible (which means that you can effortlessly click-in/click-out the disabled bathroom fittings in minutes) and completely inclusive for all regardless of age or mobility. Accessibility features include level entry, wide doors and at least 1.5 metre turning circles in all the right places.

As well as being the perfect home office, art or music studio, the Omnipod offers the ideal solution for quality, self-contained living and luxury holiday accommodation.

Stunning outside.
Stunning inside too.

The perfect pod for two people, with kitchen, wet room and studio bedroom/living area plus sofa bed.

Additional options:

Accommodation for four people, with two bedrooms, a wet room and a spacious kitchen, dining, living space plus a sofa bed. 

Additional options:

Provides accommodation for up to six people, with two separate bedrooms, a wet room and a spacious kitchen, living area plus space for a sofa bed. An optional side entrance is also available. 

Additional options:

In the continuing current climate of coronavirus uncertainty, discerning staycationers are seeking exclusive access to their holiday experiences and amenities. As an upmarket asset, Omnipods & Cabins fit that bill perfectly.

Expand your accommodation with hassle-free luxurious accessibility.

A fabulous asset for your home. Planning consent may be required, depending on type of use. Quick and easy to install. Step across your garden and into your secluded luxury retreat. With all amenities. Whether it be as your home office, your art or music studio, or simply extra luxury living space, the choice is yours. Omnipods and Cabins can be bespoked in whatever way you want.

Above average in terms of space, accessibility and flexibility compared with similar products on the market, Omnipods and Cabins provide the perfect alternative to care home living. Fully accessible and wheelchair friendly with click-in and click-out fixtures and fittings to suit your loved one’s needs.

As a business investment, because of their qualities – quick and easy to install, beautiful construction, top-grade amenities, accessibility and versatility – Omnipods and Cabins provide unerring return-on-investment potential.

Omnipods. Flexible luxury accessible to all.

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Whether domestic or business, discover how the Omnipod can become your ultra-prized asset.


Generally speaking, where it’s use is ancillary to the main dwelling and within the curtilage of your home, planning permission is not required. If you plan to rent out the Omnipod, planning permission would be required.

Omnipods are made in the UK and can be made in modules or a single complete unit depending on delivery access and installation requirements. Custom pods and cabins are made by hand to your specifications and the install process usually takes approximately 10 weeks depending on the project.

A solid, compacted, level piece of ground is required and ideally, but not necessarily, a concrete pad onto which the pod is installed. Omnipods arrive completely finished, “turn-key” and can be lived in immediately after the services have been connected.

We have dedicated ourselves to creating accessible living spaces to meet the needs of all people who wish to use them. The spacious floor plan is tastefully designed, with wheelchairs and limited mobility in mind, using materials of uncompromising quality and the highest slip resistant rated floor surfaces available. There are 1.5 metre turning circles in all the right places, a custom-designed kitchen, wide doors, thoughtfully positioned electrical sockets and USB ports for all accessible needs and our wet rooms come complete with cutting edge accessible fixtures.

The Omnipod Piccolo has space for two adults and two children on a sofa bed and the Omnipod Medio has space for two adults, two children on a bunk bed and additional space on a sofa bed. The Largo sleeps 6 – 2 separate bedrooms – plus space for a sofa bed.

You sure can. There is 120 mm insulation, double glazing and underfloor heating so that it can be used all year round. A welcomed alternative to care home living.

Our Omnipods are constructed around a very strong timber structural frame and have 120 mm of insulation, meaning that they are very effective at keeping the pod cooler in the summer months and warmer during the colder months. In summer, the doors and windows can be left open to keep the pods well ventilated and cool. Our 2 metre covered decking area will also help you keep out of the sun and keep the pod at an ambient temperature.

Where possible we connect to the mains supply following permission for electricity, water and drainage. We can also connect to private water supplies and septic tanks.

All cabins are insulated with 120 mm of Rockwool insulation and have underfloor heating.

We supply Omnipods to the business market and you can rent out an Omnipod, to generate an income, in excess of £20,000 a year. This means that after just 24 months your Omnipod has paid for itself and continues to generate a continuing ROI. Note, if installing an Omnipod for business use, planning permission is often required.

A factory built Omnipod is covered by the Goldshield warranty and a 40 year manufacturer’s warranty on the exterior roof tiles and is built using the standards contained in BS3632.

The Omnipod has been designed to require very little maintenance with easy to clean internal surfaces and durable external materials which are designed to provide you with ultimate peace of mind.

Yes, all the features can be easily removed using their simple click-in/click-out system

Absolutely! We can provide an Omnipod as a versatile home office space.

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