Dome & Tent

Surrounded by nature.


Resists temperatures from -40°C to +70°C for year-round use.

Prime position

A luxury, high-quality product providing fabulous accommodation for your prime locations.

Premium value

Attract high-end guests with the amazing value DOF Panorama Tents and Domes.

Where the view is to live for.

Our Panorama Glamping Pods are designed to be located on your most sought after pitches. We offer two classic designs, the Panorama Tent and the Panorama Dome. Both are ingeniously structured on a curved birch wood framework. Covered, not just by a canvas, but with a high-quality all-weather fabric by Serge Ferrari. And inset with huge windows allowing your guests to experience their stunning panoramic surroundings.

Installation simplicity.

Your Panorama Glamping Pod is delivered on one or two pallets depending on the model and options chosen. Straightforward to build. No specialist skills or tools required. All you need is a firm, flat base. The Dome takes 1 day with a team of  4. The Tent, 2 days, with a team of 4. 

Whilst the Dome and Tent are designed to be fixed structures, they can be readily dismantled allowing you full flexibility to relocate elsewhere.

Stunning outside.
Stunning inside too.

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With three size (length) options, the distinctive oval-shaped DOF Panorama Tent just asks to be located amongst your site’s premium pitches. The curved wooden structure gives it phenomenal strength and durability. Comfortably accommodating four people, its beautiful natural look simply radiates luxury and comfort. Through the tent’s amazingly large windows and skylight, experiencing the panoramic views and night sky is a constant joy. Come rain or shine, whatever time of year.

Your choice
of colours

The DOF Panorama Dome is truly a tent ‘with a view’. The smaller brother of the DOF Panorama Tent, it easily accommodates two people. Like its bigger brother, it is equally strong and durable, if not more so because of its dome shape. And it is the shape along with the panoramic windows that give the DOF Panorama Dome its special appeal and charm. It affords your guests a warm and cosy indoor cocoon. But, at the same time, ensuring they can enjoy the grandeur of the outdoors. Whatever the weather or time of year.

In the continuing current climate of coronavirus uncertainty, discerning staycationers are seeking exclusive access to their holiday experiences and amenities. As an upmarket asset, the DOF Tent and Dome fit that bill perfectly.

Upgrade your accommodation and take your revenue stream to the next level.

You can also choose attractive wooden flooring, a stove outlet, winter insulation and curtains for the windows. The Tent and Dome can be equipped with your own furniture, fireplace, lounge area inside, and exterior lounge sets. And, such is the size and scope of the Tent that it can be further equipped with a kitchen, toilet and shower cabin. How about an inspiring meeting room or a soothing yoga and meditation room? So many possibilities.

Whether it’s the intimate, cosy aura and atmosphere of the Dome or the imposing space and grandeur of the Tent, both are perfect for the true year-round glamping experience. Because of their inherent qualities – phenomenal strength and durability, beautiful natural aspect and their amazing panoramic outlook – the DOF Panorama Tent and Dome assure unfailing return-on-investment.

Panorama Glamping Pods. Your site’s new crown jewels.

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Dome & Tent

Discover how these premium products can expand your revenue stream for years to come.


The main differences are the shape and size.

The Panorama Tent has a surface of 31 m² or 36 m² or 41 m², the Dome has a surface of 18 m². The shape of the Panorama Tent is oval (the inspiration comes from the famous Airstream) whereas the shape of the Panorama Dome is, as the name says, a dome shape.

Included in the Panorama Dome:

  • Wooden frame structure
  • Tent fabric, 1 door
  • Ventilation system
  • Mosquito net
  • Ground sheet
  • 1 canopy

Included in the Panorama Tent:

  • Wooden frame structure
  • Tent fabric, 2 doors
  • Ventilation system
  • Mosquito net
  • Ground sheet
  • 1 canopy

Panorama Dome’s options:

  • Wooden floor in OSB
  • Wooden floor in plywood
  • Window curtains
  • Winter insulation
  • Stove outlet

Panorama Tent’s options:

  • Wooden floor in OSB
  • Wooden floor in plywood
  • Window curtains
  • Roof curtains
  • Winter insulation
  • Stove outlet
  • 2nd canopy
  • Frame: Lacquered birch frame with metal couplings
  • Roof: Flame retardant Serge Ferrari 660 gms PVC, colour taupe (DIN4102:B1)
  • Awning: Flame retardant Serge Ferrari 660 gms PVC, colour taupe (DIN4102:B1)
  • Interior floor: Wooden floor made from OSB panels
  • Construction floor: Wooden floor max height 40 cm / veranda 300 x 500 cm
  • Dome: 1 day with a team of 4
  • Tent: 2 days with a team of 4

Whilst the Dome and Tent are designed to be fixed structures, they can be dismantled and moved.

  • Flat ground surface
  • Floor anchors
  • Electricity 230 V (not compulsory if you don’t need light)
  • Water supply and drainage (if you wish to install your own kitchen / toilet / shower)

Life expectancy is at least 10 years. The product is guaranteed for 5 years.

Yes. the Panorama Dome and the Panorama Tent were designed to resist all weather conditions, with wind up to 110 kph. We only use high-quality materials that can resist from -40°C to +70°C. Thus, you shouldn’t worry about the weather! To keep the best comfort in mind, some options such as a stove or the winter insulation can be added to enjoy a perfect glamping experience.

No specific maintenance is required. Our super strong canvas and premium wooden structure come with full warranty.

It takes about 6-8 weeks from the purchase to delivery. The waiting time can vary depending on the options and equipment chosen.

On pallets by truck. The customer would need to arrange to offload.