Barrel Sauna

A hot room.
With a view.


Keep everyone happy all of the time. Withstand all conditions for year-round use.

Luxury focused

A precision engineered, unique and beautiful product that enhances everyone's staycation.

Revenue generator

Add wow-factor value, provide as an additional facility, or glamp up accommodation.

An experience to warm the heart.

Our Panoramic Barrel Sauna is the ultimate social bubble, setting you apart as the region’s go to destination. With its unique Windome your guests experience self-contained pampering and a breathtaking view. And the bronze tempered plexiglass provides all the privacy they need. Guests can see out but out can’t see in.

Installation made simple.

Your Panoramic Barrel Sauna is delivered boxed up in two packages, ready for simple self-assembly. One contains the basic structure and parts. The other contains the unique bronze tempered plexiglass Windome. We can assemble it for you unless you prefer to DIY. All you need is a firm, flat base.

Once assembled, it’s no problem if you want to change its location. The high-grade material and assembly system allows you to move your sauna anywhere you choose.

Stunning outside.
Stunning inside too.

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The Panoramic Barrel Sauna with its unrivalled aesthetics is guaranteed to upgrade any holiday park wherever it’s sited. Whether part of a log cabin retreat, a static caravan community, or even standalone, the Panoramic Barrel Sauna takes exclusivity to the next level. Whichever the case, an additional revenue stream is guaranteed.

For the sauna heating you can go with either an electric heater or a wood-burning sauna stove.

Our Helo electric heaters are a fusion of tradition and modern technology. You can choose between two designs, the stylish Helo Cup or robust Helo Ring Wall.

Our Harvia wood-burning sauna stoves are classically stylish in design. Not reliant on electricity, they are the perfect off-grid solution.

Come rain or shine, the allure of your Panoramic Barrel Sauna guarantees year-round use. Its superior materials and construction ensure a long-term high-end revenue stream.

Supplied exclusively through Glamping Innovations, the Panoramic Barrel Sauna is a return-on-investment winner. Whichever your business model – pay per session, added value, premium rental charge – you’re covered with a Panoramic Barrel Sauna.

Starting from as little as £7,000, our model range and choice of add-ons will suit the budget of every outdoor holiday destination. Whether it’s a coastal, lakeside or forest hideaway retreat, there’s a Panoramic Barrel to enhance any time your guests spend with you.

In the current climate of coronavirus uncertainty, discerning staycationers are seeking exclusive access to their holiday experiences and amenities. As an upmarket asset, the Panoramic Barrel Sauna fits that bill perfectly.

From £10,750

The Panoramic Barrel Sauna glams up any staycation.

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Barrel Sauna

Discover how this deluxe product can expand your revenue stream for years to come.


The plexiglass Panoramic Barrel Sauna Windome only fogs up immediately after you put water on the heater. It will last for a few minutes or less and then disappear.

The electric heater mounts on the front wall, at the base of the sauna. The power connects through the wall (about 10 inches / 25 cm from the ground). Alternatively, power can be connected through the floor.

Our saunas heat to 88° Celsius / 190° Fahrenheit (and up), depending on the conditions outside.

Yes, our saunas have traditional sauna heaters (Made in Canada). Rocks are on top where you pour water over to create the humidity and steam.

The heater operates efficiently with 220 volts and 40 amps of power. That is comparable to an electric oven or clothes dryer. Unlike a spa or hot tub that runs all the time, the sauna only uses power when it is in use.

Yes, our saunas can be installed indoors. They work just as well as they do outdoors, with reduced heat-up time.

Warranty does not cover parts and/or elements that deteriorate due to carelessness or improper handling, poor maintenance or overloading.

You can stain or paint the outside of your sauna. Do not paint or stain the inside. Any semi-transparent outdoor stain is ideal. We recommend you use Sikkens wood stain.

Any solid, level area can provide a base for your sauna. A wooden deck, a concrete pad, crushed gravel or paving slabs. Just ensure that water can drain away.