Safari Lodges

At one with nature.


Keep everyone happy all of the time. Withstand all conditions for year-round use.


A top-quality product providing a genuine safari experience for your at-one-with-nature locations.


Attract family adventurers and explorers with the amazing value Safari Lodges.

Accommodation for the natural world.

Safari Lodges are all about getting away from it all, being in touch with the earth, interweaving with the landscape and scenery, and being at one with the natural world. 

From 2-person tents through to accommodation for up to 8 people, Safari Lodges are perfect for glamping businesses wanting to go that extra mile. Strategically positioned in your best experiential locations, Safari Lodges will give your guests a classic sense of authenticity through a fully immersive experience.

Immersive for all the family.

Safari Lodges are perfect for your get-away-from-it-all locations. The lodges are available in three models; Deluxe, Superior and Junior. The roof is available in beige, green or brown, designed to complement the natural surroundings. The authentic character is completed with the fire retardant khaki-coloured inner tent made of KA-46 canvas.

Standard and bespoke interior design services are offered for the versatile Deluxe and Superior models. You have 3 themes to choose from:

The bespoke option is available for customers providing their own theme. Interiors can be configured to suit your specific needs, all enhancing your guests’ best possible immersive experience.

At one with nature.

Interior design service available to theme or customise your tents

Available in a range of designs and sizes

Most types and sizes available ex stock

Verandas can be easily extended

Attract and accommodate family explorers and adventurers.

Yesterday’s backpackers, adventurers and explorers are today’s adults and parents. But that sense of wonder never goes away. It’s in a traveller’s DNA to share the magic and excitement of exploration and adventure with their children. And nothing can beat that feeling of being close to nature with your family. Safari Lodges provide the perfect environment for parents to introduce their offspring to the Great Outdoors. Out in the open. Surrounded by nature. Just enough comfort and luxury. A heady mix. Your guests will love it. And want to return year after year.

In the continuing current climate of coronavirus uncertainty, discerning staycationers are seeking exclusive access for their holiday experiences and amenities. As an upmarket asset, Safari Lodges provides that for the whole family perfectly.

Adventure starts here.

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Safari Lodges

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