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Safari Tents and Lodges

At one with nature.


Keep everyone happy all of the time. Withstand all conditions for year-round use.


A top-quality product providing a genuine safari experience for your at-one-with-nature locations.


Attract family adventurers and explorers with the amazing value Safari Lodges.

“In order to try and stand out, we came to the conclusion that we should look for something of good quality and perhaps a bit different to the norm so viewed most of the tents and suppliers on the market. We soon decided that Glamping Innovations would be a perfect fit for us. The whole process from first viewing the tents through to purchase, delivery and having them installed has been first class, and I can’t thank Sara and her team enough.”

Safari Tents. Accommodation for the natural world.

Safari Tents and Lodges are all about getting away from it all, being in touch with the earth, interweaving with the landscape and scenery, and being at one with the natural world. 

From 2-person tents through to accommodation for up to 8 people, Safari Tents are perfect for glamping businesses wanting to go that extra mile. Strategically positioned in your best experiential locations, Safari Tents will give your guests a classic sense of authenticity through a fully immersive experience.

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Safari Tents from £2,500

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Discover how these premium products can expand your revenue stream for years to come.
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Safari Tents are immersive for all the family.

Safari Tents are perfect for your get-away-from-it-all locations. The tents are available in three models; Deluxe, Superior and Junior. The roof is available in beige, green or brown, designed to complement the natural surroundings. The authentic character is completed with the fire retardant khaki-coloured inner tent made of KA-46 canvas.

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Standard and bespoke interior design services are offered for the versatile Deluxe and Superior models. You have 3 themes to choose from:

The bespoke option is available for customers providing their own theme. Interiors can be configured to suit your specific needs, all enhancing your guests’ best possible immersive experience.

Safari Tents are at one with nature.

Interior design service available to theme or customise your tents

Available in a range of designs and sizes

Most types and sizes available ex stock

Verandas can be easily extended

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Safari Tents attract and accommodate family explorers and adventurers.

Yesterday’s backpackers, adventurers and explorers are today’s adults and parents. But that sense of wonder never goes away. It’s in a traveller’s DNA to share the magic and excitement of exploration and adventure with their children. And nothing can beat that feeling of being close to nature with your family. Safari Lodges provide the perfect environment for parents to introduce their offspring to the Great Outdoors. Out in the open. Surrounded by nature. Just enough comfort and luxury. A heady mix. Your guests will love it. And want to return year after year.

In the continuing current climate of coronavirus uncertainty, discerning staycationers are seeking exclusive access for their holiday experiences and amenities. As an upmarket asset, Safari Lodges provides that for the whole family perfectly.

Need help with which model to choose?

Safari Tents from £2,500

Adventure starts here.

Find out how our lease/purchase and lease/rental options can help you. Provide a few details and we'll get back to you within 2 business days.
Safari Tents brocure cover

Access full pricing and download the Safari Tents brochure.

Discover how these premium products can expand your revenue stream for years to come.


Yes, you do need planning for Safari Tents, we always recommend that you speak with your local planning office since the planning laws vary a great deal from one authority to the next. There are also licences and Public Health issues you will need to be aware of for glamping and Safari Tents.

We are here to support the process and can provide you with a variety of full CAD details, interior plans, images, master planning and fabric samples to support your application.

The Safari Tents are installed onto a wooden deck which goes into the ground on posts. Bases can be elevated if there is a slope to consider. Our bases are made from exterior grade pressure treated timber decking. Some clients wish to build their own deck so we will supply you with decking plans dependant on the size of safari tent you are installing. But of course, our fully qualified installation team can install the base for you.

Depending on use and if the safari tents are well cared for, they should last in excess of 10 years. The frames of the Safari Tents wooden with galvanised steel brackets and so will last many, many years indeed. We use Tencate Canvas ( which is the best canvas you can buy and totally fire retardant. Of course, accidents do happen and so it is likely you will replace the occasional wall throughout the life of the tents or perhaps have the odd zip or window repaired. We have designed our safari tents so that they are as maintenance free as possible.

We have added a removable front panel so that if the zip is damaged in any way, we can just replace the front panel very quickly! We have also added removable zipped windows. The environment will also play a part in how long the covers will last and how well the tents are prepared for the winters.

Yes, our Safari Tents are designed and manufactured with materials designed for year-round outdoor use and are intended to be in place year round. However, most Glamping Sites and Holiday Parks open mid-March and close at the end of October due to demand for Glamping being quite low during the autumn/winter months. You can add Wood burners and underfloor heating to our Safari Tents to extend the season for guests. You do not have to take our Safari Tents down, they can be left up all year round.

In comparison to most other Glamping Units, Safari Tents offer a fabulous return on investment. With nightly rates ranging from £150 per night up to £300 per night depending on location and experience. So, return on investment can be within season one. This still offers good value to families as some of our Safari Tents sleep up to 8 people.

Yes, we offer a full furniture package for the Safari Tents. All our furniture is made from recycled scaffolding board so is fully sustainable and FSC certified. Our furniture is also very robust so will last many years. We can also install wooden walls and sliding doors to create bathrooms and bedrooms or canvas dividers if preferred. We work with wood burning stove manufacturers and all installations are HEATAS signed off. If you would like to consider bespoke options for the interior of your Safari Tent then we will work with you to create something very special.

Warranty does not refer to parts and/or elements which deteriorate due to carelessness or improper handling, poor maintenance or overloading.

Yes, we offer a full turnkey installation service for all of our Safari Tents including plumbing, electrical installation and underfloor heating installation. We can do as much or as little as you want. Our install team will work with you and make sure you are totally happy during every step of the process. Once you have placed your order, we will arrange a pre installation technical site visit to make sure that we understand exactly what your requirements are so that there are no unexpected surprises!

We offer safari tents that sleep just two people up to Safari Tents that will sleep up to 8 people. We have 3 different models and various layouts.

So, if you’re looking to target the couples market or the family market we will have the right size Safari Tent to suit your requirements.

Yes, Safari tents can be run off grid. Water supply is essential, but electricity can be supplied through either solar panels or batteries which you charge up and can easily be replaced when empty

For gas supply, we recommend using an LPG gas boiler and if you want to avoid installing septic/treatment plants then there are various options for composting toilets, chemical toilets and even incinerator toilets!

Of course, in fact most clients now install bathrooms in the Safari Tents. We supply a bathroom package which includes everything you need and can install these for you. A bathroom adds a luxury feel to the Safari Tents and allows you to charge top dollar!

Our range varies from £2,500 for our Junior 18 Safari Tent up to £8000 for our larger Safari Tent models. You then need to add a base, interior walls or canvas, bathroom, and furniture. A fully furnished tent with bathroom that will sleep 6 people is around £20K.

We offer a two-year manufacturer’s warranty on all our Safari Tent models. We also offer a full maintenance service if your safari tents get damaged in any way.

Call or email us and we can arrange a site visit to go through all the options on the Safari Tents and together decide the best model for your site.

We recommend our maintenance package which means that we will manage the yearly maintenance of your safari tents.

We have designed our Safari Tents to be as low maintenance as possible. Manufactured from Tencate Canvas and with replaceable front panels we can replace parts very quickly.