What makes the Glamtainer so unique ?

About the Glamtainers:

Our Glamtainers are designed and built from scratch. We don’t use an old or new container we completely redesigned it. Also all openings for ventilation, door, aircon etc are all part of the original design and is tested for an official CSC approval (Container Safety Certificate). This approval is necessary to transport it as an official shipping container all over the world. This is also the most important part where we distinguish ourselves from a lot of competitors.

The “shell is produced in Shanghai at at a large container building factory (all containers are made in China by the way). Depending on the customer we decide where to finish them. The aluminum windows and doors are from the Belgium company Aliplast and the quality is amazing.

The kitchen/kitchenette is made our of very rustic and sturdy blue steel (transparent coated) and combines perfectly with the industrial look of the Glamtainers. The bathroom is also very complete and with the natural light coming in, there is absolutely no “narrow container feeling” inside.

We can also produce a 40ft version which has two bedrooms or a separate bedroom and living space. This is pure luxury.

The extendable Glamtainer is really a nice example of thinking outside the box. The unit was launched in Australia and New Zealand where there are real threats with Bushfire Attack Levels, Cyclones, Hurricanes and Earth Quakes and some pretty strict building codes for waterproofing etc. We managed to meet them all and that is what makes these Extendable Glamtainer unique.

The Extendable Glamtainers is really a product for harbours, coastal developments, isolated or challenged places, rural locations, wineries etc. However they are also completely versatile and can be used as garden rooms, offices, pop up shops, gyms, treatment rooms or even a reception area.  Our Glamtainers have caught the eyes of the public, taking home “People’s Choice – Holiday Home of the Year”.


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